Suniron DF1 – English

Modular solar power plant

For many uses and destinations

Build a solar power plant just as big as you want


With Suniron DF1 ground stand, a solar power plant can easily be built for many different purposes: Farms, companies and private properties. The system is easy to expand by chaining units.

Suniron DF1 stand is not fixed and it gives many new possibilities. It tolerates living on the earth’s surface and is also suitable for softer substrates.

With the help of the ground stand, the placement and the angle are not dependent on the position of the roof, but it can be obtained in exactly the direction that is desired. The angle of the panel field is the optimal 45 degrees in northern conditions.

The height of the bottom edge of the panel field is sufficient in the northern winter and it is easy to maintain and keep clean. Ground racks are also fire-safe for buildings.


The body of the Suniron DF1 solar power plant is a rigid space structure. Thanks to it, the panel field remains flat even if the installation platform is not stable due to, for example, rooting. Three legs always distribute the weight and load evenly.

The power plant is made of hot-dip galvanized steel pipe, steel profiles and aluminum. The legs are frost-resistant concrete and have steel reinforcement.

An inverter can also be placed on the rack or it can be connected to a nearby building, for example.

The stand’s structure, design and operating features differ favorably from the mainstream.

Product protection has been applied for the product.


One of the starting points of the Suniron DF1 solar power plant has been easy portability. It can be brought to the site as a whole and can be moved as is, even with the panels, using a lifting aid. The sturdy structure of the rack ensures that no stress is applied to the panel field during lifting.

The power plant is designed in such a way that it can be transported as a whole, for example on a transport cart.

Easy portability allows you to bring the power plant to where it is needed. When the environment changes, the location and direction of the power plant can be changed. In traditional solutions, a large amount of work is used for foundations and installation on site. All these investments will be wasted if the power plant has to be moved.


If necessary, Suniron DF1 can be equipped with a protective net covering the back or a sail cloth. It prevents animals and people from entering the back of the panel field. It also significantly reduces the lift caused by the wind.

The color of the protective net can be selected and with it the solar power plant can be effectively integrated into its surroundings.

Graphics, such as a company logo, can also be added to the cover.

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